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Canadian singer-songwriter, Mikayla Menzies is a dreamer who has been through her share of mental health struggles while growing up in the suburbs of Ottawa, Ontario. As tragedy stirred around in her childhood and teenage years, she found refuge in the sound of electric guitars and poetic lyricism, and started documenting her reality through music. Her indie-pop rock sound and moody atmosphere, was recognized by Willow Sound Records in 2018, which prompted the commercial release of her first 4 singles under their branches.


Currently based on the West Coast of Canada, Vancouver Island, with an up-coming EP project release in Fall 2024, she continues to write and speak on things that are relevant to mental health, grief and finding wisdom in bittersweet waves of life. With the strength of creativity at her fingertips, she seeks to inspire others to see that amongst all the chaos, you can still see music in colour.

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