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Favorite Quote:

“Dance like nobody’s watching” 

“This too, shall pass.”

Songs on Repeat:

Stoned at the Nail Salon - Lorde

Please Don't Leave Just Yet - Holly Humberstone

Immune - Jensen McRae

Love Language:

Quality Time and Physical Touch! i'm a leave your phone behind let’s go on a drive by the coast and hug all day kinda girl.


Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon and Cancer rising.

So pretty much a free-spirit who thinks out of the box and feels everything super deeply lol

Favorite Place to travel:

California, Vancouver and Maine! Literally anywhere that is ocean side. You’ll always find me somewhere near a beach :)

Go-To Starbuck Order:

My go to is a Vanilla Latte or a Mocha but, I usually just wanna wake up and drink a homemade pot of coffee all to myself 

Favorite Meal:

Mucho Burrito. Hands down.



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